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Where   Mongu, Zambia  When    April 2021   Who       Skate World Better, We Skate Mongu, The Skateroom  Social Media Lukaba Hande Skatepark

In April 2021 we developed Zambia’s first concrete skatepark – Lukabe Hande Skatepark in Mongu, Zambia.

Lukaba Hande means we’ll be all right. This has been the motto of our local partner We Skate Mongu no matter the struggles they have been going through. As the founder, Johnny Kalenga puts it: “Whatever challenges we might face, we’ll be all right. It’s We because We go through everything together”

By developing these public sanctuaries we wish to empower and equip our local partners with the tools needed for them to build up their own organizations and provide them with continuous support to independently and successfully manage their facility, offering the best possible outcome and defining the term ‘it’s their park’.

photo credit: Martin Louzecky

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