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Where   Las Tunas, Ecuador When June 2023   Sponsors Bradley and Jane Purcell Family Fund, Zehnder Friends’n’Family, G.J. Bloem AG, Schwab Charitable, Martin from Ichimbia Garden, Moritz Maurer


Wonders Around The World took on another exciting project, this time in a small town of Las Tunas, Ecuador. The Coastal town has a very strong sense of community that was felt during the latter stages of the project.

As skateboarding was still a bit new in the region the interest in the skatepark build only came through when the people started seeing the transitions being shaped and could see what was happening in the town. When the skatepark started to come to life, more and more people stopped to see what was happening, before this it just looked like a lot of people moving dirt and wood around the site.

The first 3 weeks felt super long, but when more and more local volunteers started showing up and helping, things moved really fast. Next thing we were done with the park and people were skating

The park will definitely play a role in bringing people together and grow skateboarding in the region.

This project was taken on by 13 volunteers from 8 different nationalities. The language barrier was extremely hard to master on this build, but with a little bit of passion and help from people, we managed to get it over the line and complete the 500 square meter park within 4 weeks.

A lot of hard work went into this build, as days were long and extremely hot. Most of the concrete work was done at night to avoid the extreme heat. A group of passionate volunteers stuck it out through a lot of hard times to make sure the park was completed in time.

If you ever travel along the coast of Ecuador, make sure to pop in at Las Tunas for a skate!