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Where   Muli, Maledives When     March/ April 2020  Who   The Island of Muli, Alis


Muli Skatepark is an internationally high standard community skatepark on the island of Muli, the capital of Meemu Atoll. The skatepark was created with help from the local community. Local community leaders saw the potential of a public skatepark as a positive outlet for the youth of the Muli, providing the space to accommodate passionate young people and the growing demand for skateboarding. Our team incorporated lots of different ideas and opinions together to create the end result, a 500 m2 highly functional skatepark. This project was made during the pandemic, the team went to extreme lengths and with the enormous support by the locals, we managed to concrete obstacles making the most of allocated space whilst incorporating local themes.

you can find the skatepark community here


photos credit: Joshua Fabrin