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Where   Mazunte, Mexico  When   2021,  January/ Feburar 2022   Who    Mazunte Sk8, Forever Playground, Dreamland Skateparks, The Skateroom


Within two separate building phases in early 2021 and spring of 2022, a motivated multicultural crew of more than 30 volunteers from all over the world gathered in Mazunte, Oaxaca and put their minds together to create a one of a kind playground.

Along with the help of local youth and workers, an oasis of creativity and self expression in form of an organic shape concrete skatepark was created. It is now open to everyone and ready for endless sessions in the hills of Mazunte, with an epic view onto the Pacific Ocean and the smiles of local shredders.

Oaxaca is located in southwestern Mexico. The state is best known for its indigenous peoples and cultures. Demographically, Oaxaca stands out due to the high percentage of indigenous peoples. It is estimated that at least a third are speakers of indigenous languages, accounting for 53% of Mexico’s total indigenous population.

Oaxaca has a skate scene, but is lacking facilities and has a history of being overlooked by the government, which has not been meeting the growing demands for proper skate parks. 

Despite the hardship, most kids in Mazunte surf, and many also now skate, thanks to our local partner Mazunte Sk8 who engages the local community and makes sure that everyone has free and safe access to their skatepark.

You can watch a video about the skatepark here.

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