What we do

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WAW is an international and independent non-profit organization built to help make skateboarding accessible worldwide, by developing skateparks in areas of the world where they are not present and supporting the communities pivoting around the facilities. We’ve had the fortune of delivering  numerous international projects in countries without this specific infrastructure in collaboration with local communities. 

By developing these public and free spaces, we wish to empower and provide our local partners with the continuous support needed for them to form their own organizations, and independently and successfully manage the facilities, offering the best outcome and defining the statement ‘It’s their park’. 

Through our professional experiences coupled with our personal skateboarding backgrounds, we wanted to deliver these positive outcomes to an audience that wouldn’t normally have the opportunity. We look forward to continuing to share these wonders around the world.

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Why we do it

Access to healthy activities and play is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

There are multiple academic studies that consistently show the positive aspects of this field. A vast number of studies show how skateboarding is building up the youths globally across all social cultural and economic backgrounds. Unlike most sports, which emphasize winning and competition, skateboarding is an activity where people of all body types, ages, genders and backgrounds can feel welcome.

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“Seemingly, skateboard parks represent one outlet among other programs and facilities offered by community recreation centers that can address a growing problem of youth inactivity (Goldenberg & Shooter, 2009:1). In addition, integrated urban skate spots are also seen to ‘provide a legitimate, inclusive space for young people who share a common interest to gather, relax, recreate, socialize and express themselves in a safe and informal environment’ while participating in an activity that is important to them”

“Engaging outdoor environments  such as skateparks are great places for kids to  interact with one another and build vital social and interpersonal skills. When a skatepark is built, a community develops around it. This community gives them a valuable sense of belonging. When they show up to the skatepark, race, gender and age are all thrown out the window.”

source: The-Benefits-of-Public-Skateparks