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Where   Maputo, Mozambique    When    November 2019   Who  Skate World Better, Maputo Skate, SOS Mozambique


In November 2019 we constructed the first two skateparks of Mozambique. Khongolote is a district in the outskirts of the capital Maputo. The construction of the all-inclusive skatepark was made possible thanks to our partners Skate World Better, SOS Mozambique and most importantly Maputo Skate and the amazing locals from Khongolote who got involved throughout the process.

With a young demographic, the area is home to a vast amount of at-risk children. Maputo is responsible for 75% of the criminal cases registered in Mozambique. Community spaces with a focus on the youth that allow active use and social opportunities are not well represented throughout the country.

Mozambique is ranked as the second poorest country in the world, therefore, labored with numerous economic difficulties.  Not a country whose government would or can focus on building skateparks. Despite these hardships, there are two established skate organizations that were instrumental in offering their help during the build, and since. Maputo Skate run by Francisco Vinho is one of those two and the skatepark finally became a reality in 2019, ten years after Francisco had originally started the construction.

Maputo Skate now independently and successfully manage the facility, offering the perfect outcome and defining the statement ‘It’s their park’.  A free skateboard loaner program have been installed in the skateparks and volunteer-led skate programs are being held on a daily basis, ensuring a large number of users with free, safe, and equal access to use their skateparks. Mozambique is now home to a rapidly growing skate-scene and we hope the parks will serve, as some of the first in a wave of skateparks throughout the country and the continent, Africa. We look forward to partnering up with these local communities to work in collaboration on their projects.

You can read more about this project here or watch a video of the construction!

photo credit: Martin Louzecky

“Mozambique’s first skatepark was built in 2019 with the help of Wonders Around The World. After the completion the new stage of skateboarding in Mozambique has begun. This project is bringing daily activities for those children that in past didn’t have a safe place to play. I am thankfull for all volunteers that made this dream come true. The skate of education program have 150 students registered that come all days include weekends to skate. WAW did an amazing skatepark for the children, who now we have a free and safe place to play.”

Francisco Vinho, Founder Maputo Skate