Jamaica (Boston)


In September 2019, Wonders around the World and a team of international volunteers constructed the first skatepark in Jamaica. The skatepark is located at the Boston Community Centre, within the coastal community of Boston Beach on the northeast coast of the island. Boston Beach is one of the few beaches in Jamaica attracting local and international surfers and forms part of the Portland Parish. The skatepark was funded and delivered in collaboration with Alis streetwear, 5th Pocket Skateparks and the Boston Community Centre.

The project was constructed within a month and the team incorporated lots of different ideas to create the end result, a highly functional skatepark.  It serves as a welcoming place, empowering the local youth to meet, come together, develop and break down social barriers. The issue of violence is a critical one for Jamaica with local skateboarders struggling to find safe and functioning places to skate, so far without any help and support found from their government. 


Boston Community Centre and local volunteers successfully manage this community space, with different programs and events, offering a positive outcome. Support is offered for beginners through to advanced assisted by skateboard/safety equipment loaner program to allow the locals to use their space as intended. Now with a safe and active space for the local youth we look forward to assisting in delivering more facilities throughout the Caribbean.