Ecuador (Engabao)

In March 2021, we started the development of Miranda Skatepark located in Puerto Engabao, Ecuador. Puerto Engabao is a rural beach town famous for surfing - located in Playas, Guayas, in Southern Ecuador.

Ecuador has a skate scene, but it is largely upper-class people from the cities that can afford the equipment and all the good parks are mainly private.

On top of that, most of Engabao’s inhabitants cannot even afford to travel. A big part of the population is indigenous, facing hardship and often left out by the official government.

Despite the hardship most kids in Engabao surf, thanks to the local
surf club Engabao Surf Club who gives lessons to the children in town and secures that the impoverished kids also have access to boards.

In 2022, we will extend and complete Miranda Skatepark with and for the local youth. Ultimately, the skatepark will be a part of a bigger public park that will host a range of accessible and engaging activities for the local youth.