Morocco (Taghazout)


The south Morrocan city of Taghazout was the perfect place for a community skatepark. With an already thriving surf culture and a growing demand for skateboarding, youngsters could sometimes be seen sharing just one skateboard between ten of them in the central square. Not only benefiting the youth of Taghazout and surrounding areas, the skatepark attracts visitors from all over the country and internationally. The public location overlooking the village and ocean couldn't have been a more fitting spot for the large skatepark, allowing boys and girls of all ages and backgrounds to share the space breaking down social barriers together.

This project was only made possible thanks to Make Life Skate Life, with the support of Levi's. More than 50 volunteer builders constructed the skatepark. A free skateboard loaner program has been installed in the skateparks and volunteer-led support is provided for beginners, ensuring a large number of users with free, safe, and equal access to use their skateparks.

Pictures by Samantha Robison and Alena Tcibina